How Mobile Marketers Can Build Brands via Coupons and Loyalty Programs


Many marketers continue to make the mistake of applying the Field of Dreams credo–“If you build it, they will come”–to their mobile banner ad rationales. But based on compelling evidence, it’s more accurately, “If they click it, they will become aggravated,” and “If they click it, chances are they didn’t mean to,” based on compelling new evidence. A study, commissioned by Retale that polled American adults, reveals that 60% click on mobile banner ads by accident due to a finger slip or small screen size; merely 16% intentionally click on mobile banner ads because they like the product, service, or company being promoted; 66% believe mobile banner ads have little to zero value; and 68% find accidental clicks to be annoying.

For marketers who place strong trust in advertising and rely heavily on high click-through rates, these findings can be downright deflating. But many believe there are smarter ways to engage mobile users, including old-school strategies that can be adapted to digital and that aim squarely at consumers’ wallets-literally: the coupon and the loyalty card.

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